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Bungie acknowledges rise in Destiny 2 cheaters, makes plans to toughen anti-cheat

While Destiny 2 was relatively safe from cheaters on PC at launch, over time cheat creators have found ways to circumvent Bungie's protections. As part of a weekly update blog this week, Bungie admitted that cheating in Destiny 2 has risen by about 50% since January. 

At this point, Bungie is banning 2,133 accounts per week on average, with the majority of cheaters coming from the PC platform. Some examples of cheats include infinite ammo and infinite energy, which would be a big advantage in both PvE and PvP modes. Then you've got your classic cheats like aimbots, wallhacks and lag switching.

So Bungie has acknowledged the growing number of cheaters in Destiny 2, now we can dig in to what the studio plans to do about it. For starters, Bungie is going to be hiring more people for the anti-cheat team, with the extra reinforcements, the group should be able to analyse reports of cheating and issue bans quicker, while also testing ban policies to figure out what works best for the player base.

Players who give their account details to a third-party carry/boost service can be banned. Those who use the ‘Looking for Group' function can also be banned if they end up in a group with a cheater and don't leave. So essentially, don't do business with, or associate with players that are blatantly cheating.

Finally, Bungie is also raising the requirements for accessing the Trials mode. Those looking to play Trials will need 100 hours of play on an account. This will reduce the number of cheaters that get access to Trials as they can't continue to make new accounts and jump right back in.

KitGuru Says: We'll likely hear another update on this in the next couple of weeks as Bungie starts to make progress. Although it might be somewhat challenging at the moment with so many people working from home. Either way, hopefully these new changes help to reduce the issue. Have any of you encountered a cheater in Destiny 2? 

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