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XCOM 2 is free to play for a week and on sale

This is a surprisingly big week for the XCOM franchise, as Firaxis has unexpectedly dropped XCOM: Chimera Squad to positive reception. The spin-off is a standalone story taking place after the events of XCOM 2 and while you don't need to have played that to appreciate Chimera Squad, you can dive in to XCOM 2 for free for the next week. 

To celebrate the launch of XCOM: Chimera Squad, there is a big XCOM sale over on Steam. All the games in the strategy series are on sale, including Chimera Squad, which is 50% off. If you would rather play something for free though, then we have you covered, as the excellent XCOM 2 now has a free trial.

This week until April 30th, XCOM 2 has a free trial on Steam and Xbox One. It isn't a short game, but with a week of free play time, you should be able to make decent progress and dig into what makes this series so great.

If you do end up wanting to pick up the game, then it is on sale for 75% off, the expansion ‘War of the Chosen' is also on sale for the complete experience.

KitGuru Says: XCOM 2 in particular is one of the best strategy games on PC, so it is certainly worth trying if you've not had a chance to play it before. Are any of you diving into XCOM this week? Have many of you played Chimera Squad yet? 

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