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Marvel’s Midnight Suns release date leaks

Firaxis announced its next Tactical RPG, Marvel's Midnight Suns, at E3 last year and in recent months, various leaks have pointed towards the game releasing fairly soon. Over the weekend, someone managed to obtain upcoming promotional materials for the game, revealing a new release date, pre-order bonuses and future DLC …

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Xenonauts 2 will debut sometime in 2017

It shows the ever lasting appeal of the original UFO: Enemy Unknown that over the past few years we've had not only one complete reboot in the new XCOM release, but another in the form of a '70s take on the alien invasion simulator: Xenonauts. That game, which was a …

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XCOM 2 has been pushed back to next year

Earlier this year, Firaxis and 2K Games announced XCOM 2, a sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown. While at the time the strategy game was expected to launch towards the end of this year, it has now been pushed back a bit and will launch in 2016 instead. In a post on …

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XCOM 2 is heading to PC this year

A surprise game announcement landed on our doorstep this week. It looks like XCOM 2 is in the works and will be launching on the PC with procedural maps and mod support this November. XCOM 2 will be a sequel to the previously released, highly praised strategy title, XCOM: Enemy …

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2k Games to skip E3 2013

2K games follows on from Nintendo as the second publisher to announce that it would not be holding a big conference at E3 2013, though it won't even have small events to show off new games, but will instead be debuting new titles via Youtube and Twitch. While this highlights …

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