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2k Games to skip E3 2013

2K games follows on from Nintendo as the second publisher to announce that it would not be holding a big conference at E3 2013, though it won’t even have small events to show off new games, but will instead be debuting new titles via Youtube and Twitch.

While this highlights the influence of sites like Youtube and Twitch and the increased uptake in streaming, high quality video over the past few years, it also nods towards the waning influence of E3, which many have said has been declining for half a decade.

Recently renamed third person shooter, The Bureau, is expected to make an appearance on 2K streams

Some of the games expected to be showcased (now via Youtube) during the E3 expo by 2K include: Sid Meier’s Civilzation V: Brave New World, a new WWE game, some more Borderlands 2 DLC and an iOS version of the new XCOM: Enemy Unknown game. There’s also likely to be some footage of the recently renamed XCOM shooter, The Bureau.

E3 2013 is set to be held between 11th and 13th June at the Los Angeles Convention Centre, where it’s thought we’ll see new tech from Microsoft and Sony with regards to the next-gen of consoles.

KitGuru Says: Interesting move by 2K. Perhaps it’s a cost cutting measure though? What do you guys think?

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