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Marvel’s Midnight Suns release date leaks

Firaxis announced its next Tactical RPG, Marvel's Midnight Suns, at E3 last year and in recent months, various leaks have pointed towards the game releasing fairly soon. Over the weekend, someone managed to obtain upcoming promotional materials for the game, revealing a new release date, pre-order bonuses and future DLC for the game. 

The leak, posted by Nils Ahrensmeier on Twitter, shows that Marvel's Midnight Suns will be releasing on the 6th of October. You'll be able to choose from three editions, a standard edition that just includes the base game, an enhanced edition with some character skins included, and a legendary edition, which includes even more character skins as well as the season pass for future DLCs.

The enhanced edition will come with a selection of five premium skins, while the legendary edition will have 23 character skins, and a season pass, which will include four post-launch DLC drops, each with a new playable hero and new missions to play.

Take-Two Interactive was quick to send a DMCA claim to Twitter to have the images included in the tweets removed. However, all the text remains in place, so many of the details, including the release date have still leaked. The images removed from the tweets were promotional images, including cover art and screenshots.

We won't have to wait long to get confirmation on all of this, as Marvel's Midnight Suns is going to make an appearance during Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest this month, so expect official news in just a matter of weeks.

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KitGuru Says: Will you be playing this when it comes out? Or were you hoping for something a little closer to an XCOM game? 

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