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Destiny 2 to implement anti-cheat software

Despite its many advantages, one of the issues with PC gaming is the fact that it can be much easier to cheat in games. While not an issue in single-player games, multiplayer titles with cheaters can ruin the experience for others. As a result, Bungie has now announced that Destiny 2 will soon implement anti-cheating technology.

Ahead of the upcoming Destiny 2 showcase on the 24th of August, celebrating 7 years of Destiny and giving fans a look at the future of the franchise, the team at Bungie revealed that “Our partnership with BattlEye will soft launch next Season. Just another step toward a level playing field for all.”

BattlEye, self-described as the “THE ANTI-CHEAT GOLD STANDARD”, has been used in many games including ARK; Rainbow Six: Siege; ARMA 2; Insurgency; PUBG; Fortnite and Escape From Tarkov – to name a few.

Destiny 2 has struggled with issues of cheating in the past, with the developer Bungie even previously advertising a position for an anti-cheating Data Engineer at the company. It seems they ultimately decided to partner with BattlEye. It will be interesting to see what the team has to say on the matter at the upcoming Destiny showcase.

Kitguru says: What do you think of cheating in multiplayer games? Have you encountered any cheaters in Destiny 2? What do you want to see from the upcoming showcase? Let us know down below.

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