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Nvidia CEO says GPU supply shortage will last for the majority of 2022

Throughout 2021, we've been seeing most graphics cards sold significantly above their MSRP due to on-going supply constraints. Prices have been improving, suggesting that the stock is increasing. However, according to Nvidia's CEO, we will still be dealing with GPU shortages throughout 2022 as well. 

Jensen shared his expectations about the GPU supply situation in 2022 during Nvidia's Q2 2022 fiscal year earnings call (transcript via Seeking Alpha). Despite the supply shortages, the company still plans to meet its growth plans for the remainder of the fiscal year of 2022 and the whole fiscal year of 2023. Nvidia currently has enough supply to meet this year's quota and has already secured long-term supply commitments to meet 2023's targets.

Considering Jensen's expectations, it's hard to believe that we will see the RTX 30 series cards at MSRP again. However, prices are still decreasing and closer to MSRP than at the start of the year. Moreover, Jensen only represents Nvidia, so AMD and Intel, which use TSMC as their foundry instead of Samsung, might paint a better scenario for the GPU supply situation.

Lack of stock might drive prices up, but taking the PlayStation 5 as an example, it's clear that it isn't the only factor. Since its launch, the PlayStation 5 has been mostly out of stock, facing similar supply issues as the RTX 30 series cards. Nevertheless, most of the consoles are still being sold at MSRP.

KitGuru says: It's still too soon to jump to conclusions about the graphics cards pricing. At this moment, we are witnessing a downward trend in GPU prices, but that could change, particularly if shortages are going to continue into the distant future.

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