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Destiny 2 is getting PlayStation-themed armour

Fashion is a big part of Destiny, with the look of an armour piece being just as if not more important than its effects. Embracing this fact, Bungie has announced a number of PlayStation-themed armour pieces, coming to all platforms today.

Making the announcement on Twitter, the official Destiny account said “Embrace your inner warrior. Season of the Deep // May 23, 2023.”

Alongside this, an image was shared showing the various pieces of crossover armour. Titan classes can appropriately get their hands on Kratos-themed pieces, while Hunters meanwhile can don Aloy’s iconic Nora outfit. Warlocks on the other hand can channel their inner Jin Sakai with Ghost of Tsushima inspired pieces. Last but not least, a Last of Us themed Ghost shell is also available, emitting spores while looking like a clicker.

It is worth noting that despite being PlayStation themed, all these pieces will be available to purchase at the Eververse store on all platforms. No price was given, though similar sets in the past have been listed at $20 each, so not an insignificant amount of money.

Still, these crossover pieces are pretty cool, and marks one of the first times that PlayStation has taken advantage of its ownership of Bungie.

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