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Blizzard disables Overwatch 2 hero for crashing the game

The first major update for Overwatch 2 has arrived. Blizzard launched the beta version of the game's multiplayer mode just one week ago and players were quick to discover a bug with Wrecking Ball, which can cause the game to crash for all players in the match. 

The bug in question occurs when a player uses Wrecking Ball in a match and uses Roll mode. If a player rolls from the ground and up a wall, or rolls off of any high ground surface and then looks immediately down at the floor, the game will crash. You can see the bug in action in the clip below:

There are multiple clips showcasing this exploit being used in Overwatch 2 matches doing the rounds on social media. Blizzard acknowledged the issue this morning, confirming that Wrecking Ball has been disabled immediately while the developers figure out what's going on and patch it up. Wrecking Ball can still be used in Overwatch 1 without issue.

This is the first major bug to pop up during the beta, although there are other complaints amongst players, including calls for balance changes and other fixes. Having spent a good chunk of last week playing the beta, I can tell you it is far from perfect – you can read more on that in this week's KitGuru Games, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: I'm surprised this issue never came up during Blizzard's testing prior to the beta launch, but alas here we are. Fortunately, these kinds of problems are exactly what big, public betas are meant to sniff out

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