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IPhone messenger bug disabling touch screens and buttons


Remember those iOS text messaging bugs that were floating around a couple of years ago? Well, they appear to still exist as this week, a string of emojis and text was discovered to be causing iPhones to crash. The message only needs to be three characters long but it will …

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Space X Falcon rocket touches down… and then falls over

Space X has once again narrowly missed out on a successful drone-ship landing of its Falcon 9 first stage booster rocket. Although the orbital launch vehicle did manage to touch back down on the automated platform, it only stood upright for a few seconds before toppling over and exploding on …

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iOS Messages bug causing iPhones to crash

It looks iPhone users have a new bug to deal with, this time found in the Messages app. It turns out that the app will continuously crash if a certain text is received and if the text arrives while an iPhone is on the lock screen, it will cause the …

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Bitcoin begins to make a return after crashing

Bitcoin has always been a pretty volatile currency, or commodity – depending on how you look at it. While it remained practically valueless for years, it eventually ended up peaking at over $1,200 per coin in late 2013. Since then it’s crashed and risen several times, for the most part …

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Bitcoin crash 2.0 could be happening right now

We’ve talked about it for a few weeks now, the stupendous rise of Bitcoin’s value as Chinese investors jumped on board the gravy train and started buying up the digital currency in huge quantities and they’re still doing it, but that doesn’t mean the price is going to continue to …

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YOYOTech offer bundles of joy with a stack of price cuts

Following the company’s purchase by IT giant Centerprise, there have been a lot of changes at YOYOTech, including some aggressive price drops. KitGuru scans the latest offers, sticks in its thumb and tries to pull out a plum.  The sudden movement of £300 on AMD’s top FX processors following the …

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Here’s how the first man in space died

The first human to do anything is quite a special thing. While people will undoubtedly improve on the achievements on those that went before, the first time one of us achieves something is a big deal and those people should be celebrated, even in death. Which is why it’s a …

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