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KOTOR 2 patch fixes multiple crashing issues on Nintendo Switch

Last month shortly after the launch of KOTOR 2 on the Nintendo Switch, players found a progression blocking bug roughly halfway through the game. Aspyr did offer a workaround that involves skipping a cutscene while it worked on an official patch and now, that update has finally arrived. 

Aspyr released KOTOR II on the Nintendo Switch last month, but unfortunately for early buyers, a progression blocking bug was found in the game at launch, which would cause the game to crash when going to Onderon for the first time in-game. You could cheat around this using the game's built-in cheat menu, but this did mean missing out on a cutscene.

Now, the latest patch for the game is rolling out and has squashed this bug. Aspyr also says its new patch fixes other top-reported issues, such as game crashes on certain late game save files when traveling to Dantooine and Korriban, and an infinite loading screen bug when escaping on the Ebon Hawk on Peragus at the start of the game.

Within the next three months, Aspyr will also be releasing an official piece of DLC for Knights of the Old Republic 2, restoring a chunk of cut content from the original game, mirroring the Restored Content Mod that is already available to KOTOR 2 players on PC.

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KitGuru Says: I've been re-playing KOTOR on the Switch recently but I've been holding off on the sequel until the cut content DLC arrives, as the DLC will require a fresh save file. Have any of you revisited either of these classics on the Switch? 

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