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Monster Hunter World launches to mixed reviews on Steam

The day has finally arrived, Monster Hunter World has finally landed on PC, eight months after the console version. The good news is, the game runs and plays quite well with a keyboard and mouse, the bad news is that plenty of players are in fact having issues- with DRM interference being one of the more widespread concerns.

It has been around two hours since Monster Hunter World unlocked on Steam. In that time, over 200 reviews for the game have stacked up and the overall consensus is ‘mixed'. I've had the chance to run the game for about an hour on a Core i7-8700K and a GTX 1080Ti. While this is far from a full performance analysis, I was averaging well above 60 frames per second at 1440p with high settings, so for me the game is running quite well, but others are having a less than ideal experience.

A number of Steam reviews are claiming that the game simply won't launch for them and results in a black screen or a crash to desktop. We don't have full confirmation on this but apparently this has something to do with the version of Denuvo in use and the number of CPUs it supports. Those with older Intel processors might face this problem and there have been a few complaints from Ryzen owners as well.

Others are pointing out that controller support is broken for them. The keyboard/mouse controls in this game seem fine to me, but obviously if you would prefer to use a controller, then be aware that there are currently some issues. If you own a 21:9 ultrawide screen (like I do), then do note that there is no ultrawide support at this time and you will be playing with black bars at either side of the screen.

Currently Capcom lists two known issues on the Monster Hunter Steam Community Hub:

  • Game not launching on certain PCs: There's an issue where the game will not boot on specific CPU or GPU model. Dev team is aware of it and are currently investigating the matter. A patch will be released as soon as they identify and fix the problem.
  • Issues with multi-GPU configuration: There is a known issue where the game may not work correctly when SLI or Crossfire is enabled. If you encounter these issues, please disable the multi-GPU setting within the Nvidia or AMD Control Panel.

So if you are looking to pick up Monster Hunter World and you don't have the most up to date hardware in your PC, then maybe hold off for a patch. Other issues like broken controller support and lack of 21:9 still need to be addressed by the Capcom team.

KitGuru Says: While the lack of 21:9 support is less than ideal, I can at least get Monster Hunter World running nicely on my PC with the latest drivers. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for many others. Have any of you tried Monster Hunter World yet? How is it running for you?

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