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Overwatch 2 PC players facing system shutdowns and restarts

Overwatch 2's launch issues have been well-documented at this point. The game's initial days live were hampered by DDOS attacks, connectivity issues and long log-in queues. The past week has seen more issues, forcing some heroes to be taken offline for maintenance, and now, an errant PC bug is causing shutdowns and restarts. 

This particular bug doesn't seem to be very widespread, but there are a few Overwatch forum posts about it dating back over the past couple of weeks. Blizzard has now acknowledged the issue on the Overwatch Support Twitter account, confirming that the team is “investigating an issue with computers restarting or shutting down while playing”.

As usual in cases like this, there could be a number of different problems at play that the developers need to sort through. Additionally, due to PCs having such a broad range of hardware, narrowing the issues down further can be quite the task. With that in mind, Blizzard encourages those that do encounter this issue to submit a DXDIAG, which will give the developers some information about your PC's specs.

Not updating a driver, a driver stability error or a conflict with your sound card can cause these sorts of issues, amongst other more complicated conflicts, but if Blizzard can gather enough data, it should be able to narrow down the problem quicker.

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KitGuru Says: Aside from the connection issues during the first week, my experience with the game has been pretty smooth. Have you encountered any hard crashes, freezes, BSODs or PC shutdowns/restarts while playing Overwatch 2? 

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