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You can cheat your way around KOTOR 2’s cutscene crash on Switch

Earlier this week, Aspyr confirmed that currently, there is a progression blocking bug roughly halfway through KOTOR 2 on the Nintendo Switch. At the time, it was believed that this made the game unfinishable on the console, but it turns out that Aspyr does have a workaround those affected can try. 

Aspyr released KOTOR II on the Nintendo Switch earlier this month and in Q3 this year, the team will be releasing a Restored Content DLC, putting cut content back in the game for console players. However, before that, Aspyr is going to have to fix a major bug within KOTOR 2. Currently, when players reach the planet Onderon for the first time, a crash occurs during a cutscene.

There is a way to get around this though. As it turns out, KOTOR 2 on Switch ships with a cheat menu available in-game, which you can access by triple clicking the left thumbstick. From there, you can warp your character to a different section of Onderon, OND504 to be specific, and skip the cutscene causing the crash.

Also it turns out that the bug isn't impacting all players, so there is a specific string of events that have to take place in order to trigger it. This is likely why the issue didn't appear during testing. Aspyr will be fixing the crash in the next patch but there is no timeline for release just yet.

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KitGuru Says: It is great that there is a workaround here. Hopefully no other issues pop up to block progression further into the game. Now we've just got to wait for the real fix coming with the next patch. 

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