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EA’s Origin Access premier sees Battlefield V launch early

Although EA’s Battlefield V officially releases on November 20th, paying members of the publisher’s Origin Access Premier earned the right to access the game early. This was expected to launch tomorrow, but it seems that annual shooter is already available to subscribers.

Battlefield V has one of the most fragmented release schedules seen in the video game world, with subscriptions and pre-order incentives granting access to the title before the official debut. EA caused so much confusion, it had to release a guide specifically to clear things up.

The first sighting was supposed to occur tomorrow, granting PC players full access to the game provided they have Origin Access Premier. A ten-hour trial is also supposed to debut on November 9th across all platforms, including “all multiplayer modes and maps available at launch.” Those that pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition of the game can then hop in on the 15th, five days before full launch.

Something, somewhere has changed, unveiling Battlefield V to Origin Access Premier members a whole day early. Twitch has streamers rushing to their origin client to pay to £15-per-month membership, just to get ahead of the curve.

It’s not clear whether this is a mistake on the backend, or an intentional move from the publisher to ease its servers. Without an official comment from EA, we might never find out but one thing is certain: Battlefield V is live and kicking.

KitGuru Says: Battlefield V didn’t experience the smoothest beta, but the promise of limiting premium currency to cosmetics is certainly a practice I want to support. If you’ve not already jumped into Battlefield V, do you think you’ll be picking up the game in its lead-up to launch?  

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