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Facebook moves on Twitch’s territory, adding in-game rewards & deeper analytics to livestreaming

Earlier this year, Facebook announced that it plans to improve its livestreaming features in hopes to attract more content creators. Livestreamers aren’t the only focus, however, as Facebook has now revealed its new SDK, allowing developers to reward viewers with in-game items and keep an eye on deeper analytics. 

Facebook has been testing these new features over the past couple of months and is now ready to open up Live Broadcasting from PC games to the News Feed opens to developers across the board. When utilised, viewers on Facebook's platform will be rewarded with in-game items and currency of the developer's choosing. 

The aim of this is to provide developers a larger platform to display their content, while rewarding broadcasters with longer viewing times.  In turn, Facebook benefits by monetising its ads, while viewers are further locked into the platform as a new livestreaming entity for gamers.  

Image Credit: StoneMountain64/Facebook

Developers will also get access to “app events” PC, mobile and via the web. This allows for a deeper look at analytics behind the new feature, allowing developers to change and adapt their approach to the new system, or marvel at how much it's benefitted them.  

Facebook integration also allows for the use of an enhanced “Friend Finder” which allows streamers to play with their friends more easily, as well as a “Key Player Stats” section that can help the streamer determine whether or not a player should continue to be a part of their current party.

Developers can sign up for access to the software tools here, which will be made available in the “coming weeks.”

KitGuru Says: Twitch already has a rewards system, which I recently experienced during the Rainbow Six: Siege Invitational livestreams, rewarding me with in-game charms. This is a great feature to keep viewers hooked, especially completionists who can't help but have everything possible. Would you watch livestreamers on Facebook over Twitch? 

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