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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is coming to PC

In recent years, Square Enix has made an impeccable effort in officially bringing each game in its Final Fantasy series to Microsoft Windows. Initially, fans were met with disappointment upon learning that Final Fantasy XII’s The Zodiac Age remaster was a PS4 exclusive, but fans need not wait that much longer as the title comes to desktops with a bunch of exclusive features.

Final Fantasy XII originally launched for the PlayStation 2 back in 2006, and was the first in the series to make changes to the iconic turn based battling system. A high-definition remaster called Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age landed on the PlayStation 4 last year, adding trophy support, a re-orchestrated soundtrack with more tracks and improved technical performance.

Now, The Zodiac Age is headed to Steam on February 1st with a bunch of new features. Square Enix has promised a solid 60fps, with ultra-wide 21:9 compatibilities. In fact, its multi-monitor support can range up to a “potential 48(16×3):9 experience.”

Unlocked from the get-go is New Game Plus and New Game Minus modes, alongside the ability to switch between the original score, re-orchestrated score or soundtrack. Introducing a brand new function, ‘Maximise License Points and Gil' allows players to utilise maximum points from the configuration screen.

The new Speed and Trial modes introduced in the PS4 version of The Zodiac Age remaster also make an appearance, while looking the best they’ve ever been. And yes, there’s a beloved fast-forward button too.

KitGuru Says: This give a lot of newcomers a chance at a game they might never have played otherwise. It’s perhaps the first Final Fantasy game I felt was accessible to me before growing to appreciate turn-based mechanics, so I can’t wait to dive back in. Do you plan on grabbing Final Fantasy XII on Windows?

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