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Insomniac’s Spider-Man gets Sam Raimi’s movie suit as a special, free holiday gift

Insomniac’s Spider-Man is chock-full of interesting costume choices, however fans have been clamouring for one in particular – Sam Raimi’s iconic Hollywood incarnation from 2002. It increasingly looked unlikely that this would appear given that the game’s three-part DLC concludes on December 21st,  however PlayStation 4 fans can now rejoice as the developer has launched a free update including the costume for the holidays.

From the Classic Suit that first appeared in 1962 to Marvel’s Homemade suit worn by Tom Holland in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, there is a staggering amount of the character’s history packed into this year’s Game of the Year nominee. Insomniac spared no detail, with highlights including the Scarlet Spider costume from the oft-criticised Clone Saga storyline, the 2099 suit worn by Miguel O’Hara in the titular year and Spider-Man Noir, who recently appeared in the spectacular animated film, Into the Spider-Verse.

Raimi’s suit has been perhaps the single most-requested addition since before the release of Insomniac’s Spider-Man, sporting a more angular design to the eyes than most other variants. This suit appeared in all three films in Raimi’s trilogy, eventually given a splash of black paint in order to depict Venom’s origin as the Black Suit.

The black version is unlikely to appear within the game, but owners can download the superbly rendered Raimi costume as of this very moment. Peter Parker’s suit from Into the Spider-Verse, Cyborg Spider-Man and the Aaron Aikman Armour Suit are the three remaining costumes set to appear in the Silver Lining DLC, due out tomorrow.

KitGuru Says: Sadly, this means no Bombastic Bagman or Miles Morales for the time being. We can only hope that the latter sees representation in a currently unannounced, but well-deserving sequel to Insomniac’s masterpiece. How do you feel about the inclusion of Raimi’s Spider-Man? Is there any costume you would prefer to see make its way into the game?

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