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Apple tells iPad Pro 2018 users that some bending is normal

Back in 2014, Apple suffered a controversy aptly named ‘Bendgate’, in which iPhone 6 Plus smartphones showed a distinct fragility when it came to bending due to everyday use. Sadly, a similar problem has once again reared its head with the latest iPad Pro, but Apple has justified the seemingly widespread issue as a normal by-product of its manufacturing process.

iPad Pro 2018 users have flocked to MacRumors forums to complain that their $799+ devices are showcasing a slight curvature that isn’t often seen on electronic tablets. This is supposedly more pronounced on the $1,899 12.9-inch variant with LTE connectivity, thanks to the antenna’s plastic strip separating the aluminium chassis.

While it’s worth remembering that any aluminium chassis can bend if enough force is applied, YouTube channel JerryRigEverything put the iPad Pro 2018 to the test, relating the structural integrity of the casing to “tinfoil wrapped around mash potatoes.” Users have since echoed this finding, stating that the bend has occurred without any abnormal use, or straight out of the box.

Apple has confirmed to The Verge that what many are seeing is slight warping due to the cooling process involved when the iPad Pro is manufactured, and should not affect the performance or quality of the device. This doesn’t account for the flimsiness displayed within the above video, perhaps explaining a selection of what some people are experiencing.

The company confirmed that it hasn’t witnessed an increased return rate on the iPad Pro 2018 as a result of the warping, however this is likely due to the fact that users are restricted to the 14-day return window offered on all Apple devices. Should the firm consider the bend to be a defect, these undisclosed numbers could very well fluctuate. Even if Apple were to offer returns for the unintentionally curved models, the issue seems to be widespread enough that replacements could also sport the same problem.

KitGuru Says: I do have to question how a billion-to-trillion dollar company can’t maintain a consistency over its manufacturing process. Needless to say, users of the premium-priced devices are not happy and Apple’s response has done little to help matters. Have you experienced any problems with the iPad Pro 2018?

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