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LawBreakers’ Cliff Bleszinski has moved onto producing Broadway musicals

After LawBreakers failed to impress and Boss Key Productions shut its doors, Cliff Bleszinski swore off video game development in a now-deleted tweet. In an unexpected turn of events, Bleszinski has since moved onto the production of Broadway musicals, revealing that he has invested in Hadestown.

While November, 2018’s deleted tweet seemed to be a knee-jerk reaction to a toxic community, Bleszinski took to his Facebook page just a few days later to explain the situation to his followers, describing that it is unlikely he would ever return to the video game world. He specifically cited gaming’s toxic player base, unrealistic expectations propelling video game budgets and “non stop dysfunction” as the main reason for his indefinite departure.

December saw Bleszinski return to a more positive means of posting, teasing a radical change in career that he couldn’t share in detail at the time. Bleszinski credits actor Alex Boniello for his piqued interest in Broadway musicals, investing an undisclosed amount into Hadestown to become a co-producer.

Tickets went on sale December 15 for the re-imagined Greek tale that follows two intertwining love stories between Orpheus and Eurydice, and that of King Hades and Persephone. Hadestown was written by singer-songwriter Anaïs Mitchell and brought to life by director Rachel Chavkin.

Being known for Gears of War and revealing Fortnite back when Epic Games was focusing on Save the World, Bleszinski is now dedicating himself to writing about his life and the rollercoaster ride of video game development.

KitGuru Says: Love or hate Bleszinski, the continuous hateful comments on his Twitter posts make it easy to see why he’s keen to leave that world behind.  Bleszinski truly believes in Hadestown as a project, and it’s always nice to see someone land on their feet after so long on a particular career path.

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