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Level-5’s Ni No Kuni delayed until late March

It seems that Level-5 has had another setback with its upcoming PC and PS4 title, Ni No Kuni 2. Originally pegged for release November 2017 and subsequently delayed until January, players will have to wait yet another two months as the new release date is set for March 23rd.

Level-5 issues a press release on the matter, detailing that the game doesn’t currently meet the standards that the studio pushes out and just needs some more time in the oven. Luckily, both the PlayStation 4 and PC version are still set to launch at the same time, contrary to many releases the past few years.

Don't worry, publisher Bandai Namco has confirmed that the final release will include both Japanese and English voice over.

“With innovation and new ideas comes the need to ensure everything works together in a fun and cohesive way,” Level-5 President Akihiro Hino said. “This means we'll need a bit more time to make sure the entire Ni no Kuni II experience meets our highest quality standards. So today, I would like to ask for everyone’s patience as we move Ni no Kuni II’s worldwide release date to March 23, 2018.”

Aside from the delay, Hino states that the project “is coming along very nicely” and that there are new gameplay elements to look forward to. “In an effort to constantly innovate, we’ve also implemented new modes in Ni no Kuni II, including the new Skirmish and Kingdom Modes.”

KitGuru Says: I still have a soft spot for Level-5’s roots as I’m a big Dark Cloud fan, so I trust the developer’s instincts. And since I won’t be getting another one of those games for a long while, if ever, I think I might just pick up Ni No Kuni 2. Are you interested in the title?

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