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New report suggests the Switch will outsell the PS4 in 2019

Earlier this week, analysts revealed predictions that the Nintendo Switch would fall short of its two-year sales targets by approximately 3 million units. According to a new report, this won’t slow the hybrid console down from overtaking competition, with Switch likely outselling the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2019.

While the Xbox One is expected to lag behind once again with an estimated 10 million devices shipped next year, research firm StrategyAnalytics forecasts that Nintendo will snatch the top spot from Sony. Combined PS4 and PS4 Pro console sales are expected to reach 17.1 million units, a respectable amount for a five year old console. This won’t be enough to keep the Switch at bay, surpassing calculations at 17.3 million units throughout 2019.


Despite these new developments, Sony remains the current market leader in terms of consoles in use, accounting for almost half of video game consoles out that past and present. A rising 84 percent of people have ditched previous generations in favour of a PS4 or PS4 Pro device.

“Console upgrade cycles continue, and the three-way battle between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, which has been raging now for the best part of two decades, shows no sign of abating as each platform owner discusses its plans for updates and new generations,” explains Senior Analyst Chirag Upadhyay. “In partnership with developers and driven by the ever-rising expectations of consumers we fully expect these platform owners to continue to push the boundaries of the large screen gaming experience for many more years to come.”

Further analysis shows that console revenue is once again on the rise, expected to hit $15.4bn by the end of the year, accounting for a sizeable 7.6 percent increase year-on-year.

KitGuru Says: The video game market already dominates as one of the most profitable in the world, so it’s surprising to see such a rapid growth. The gap between predictions of Switch and PS4 sales isn’t all that large, making it questionable whether Nintendo really can take the cake. Which do you think will come out on top in 2019?

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