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Persona 5’s Joker is sometimes crashing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

After a long wait since last year’s reveal, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans finally got their hands on the game’s first DLC fighter, welcoming Persona 5’s Joker into the roster last week. Unfortunately, early adopters of the character have found a bug when attempting to use his Final Smash attack, freezing some Nintendo Switch units and forcing users to reboot.

Joker originally made a surprise appearance at The Game Awards 2018 in December, announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in one of Reggie Fils-Aimé’s last major appearance at an event as Nintendo of America’s president. After a lengthy development, the fighter arrived within the  version 3.0 update alongside new Mii Fighter costumes and the much-requested Stage Builder, which also brought with it NSFW images.

Many have praised the faithful representation of Joker, but it seems as though his Final Smash based on the All-Out Attack from Persona 5 is the cause of some widely reported issues. Players attempting to end Classic Mode matches by using the move have described that it freezes the game entirely, forcing users to exit the game and sometimes manually restart their Nintendo Switch.

If you’ve not encountered the problem as of yet, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate subreddit user CubingVainGlory has uploaded a video documenting the unresponsiveness, while music continues to play in the background. So far, the glitch is only said to affect Joker, with many players adamant on playing him advised to forgo his Final Smash for the time being.

Nintendo has yet to acknowledge the problem, but it should be long before a fix is inbound.

KitGuru Says: It’s sad to see such an anticipated character debut with a game-breaking flaw, but it doesn’t surprise me given Nintendo’s lack of experience in the DLC department. Still, hopefully this is fixed soon and future DLC fighters launch without issue.  

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