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PUBG gets update 8 on the Xbox One

A brand new update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the Xbox One has landed, as Update 8 brings the return of increased vehicle damage and a wave of bug fixes. Unfortunately for some fans, the more game breaking bug that results in players being kicked to their dashboard isn’t a part of the patch notes.

Previously, developer PUBG Corp had opted to drastically reduce the damage of vehicle-on-player collision in an attempt to balance the console version. Players were unhappy with the results, causing both the developer and publisher, Bluehole to revert back to its old increased damage system.

While there are other minor tweaks to the gameplay, the remaining focus was placed on quashing known bugs. Specifically, as of Update 8, players should now be able to vault seamlessly over almost any ledge or window with minimal complications, whereas before, specific windows were blocking players from the animation.

The camera will also remain in the correct place after a player has died and vehicles should naturally slow down once a player jumps out of the moving vehicle, instead of it randomly disappearing to another location on the map.

While these tweaks were undoubtedly needed, more game breaking bugs are out there that players are frustrated about. Some players are still reporting a bug that kicks them to the dashboard without warning, making it almost impossible for them to play a full match. Bluehole has yet to comment on the issue, but we will update the story as it unfolds.

KitGuru Says: It’s still very early days for the console version of PUBG, so it doesn’t surprise me that these bugs still exist. More often than not, Bluehole and PUBG Corp are making good progress in a solid time frame. How has your experience been with PUBG on Xbox One?

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