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ResetEra attempts to replace NeoGAF, built by ex-users of the forum

NeoGAF has been subject to controversy as of late, with allegations of misconduct even causing the site to be temporarily taken offline. This debacle has since prompted former NeoGAF members to band together, launching new gaming forum, ResetEra, as a replacement.

Although NeoGAF is very much back online, many of the admins and users of the forum were left unhappy at how owner Tyler “Evilore” Malka handled the accusations of sexual misconduct directed his way. There were days of silence from Malka before any official denial was made public, leaving the mods to deal with the onset chaos alone.

Needless to say, many of the mods quit after the fiasco, leaving NeoGAF to plummet into pandemonium. Things seem to have settled since the site briefly went offline, resetting itself to come back online sporting a new set of rules built for anonymous moderation. This, however, has not stopped a plethora of users outright quit the site or purposefully sought out a permaban as backlash.

Many of these mods, including public figures such as Nibel, Shinobi, ZhugeEX and Emily Rogers are among the admins for the new gaming forum, ResetEra, which already boasts the same approximate amount of users as NeoGAF since it came back online.

KitGuru Says: ResetEra seems like a swift decision to create a new home for gamers, untainted by allegations, but remember that these are just that until Malka is actually proven guilty. Either way, the dust is far from settled and more to the story might reveal itself in time. Do you use a gaming forum? Which one do you favour?

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