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Rumours suggest that a cheaper Nintendo Switch will arrive before a more powerful variant

Reports of new Nintendo Switch models have been circulating since the end of last year, but only recently have rumours tried to detail the presence of two separate variants. One is supposedly a cheaper, budget version that recent sources suggest will come first, while the second is a more powerful, premium alternative set to follow afterwards.

This new information comes courtesy of Nikkei, which suggests that the affordable version should be available during the third quarter. Contrary to previous rumours, this version will reportedly maintain the ability to dock and project its display to a connected television.

The “next-generation device” is said to be a more comprehensive overhaul from the current version, arriving a little later. Considering previous reports from The Wall Street Journal last month stated that the device is set to arrive before the end of 2019, it’s still possible that the more expensive model could arrive in time for Christmas.


It’s not certain why Nintendo is considering disparity between the release of its upcoming iterative additions, but sources claim that the company is still trailing various things, including overhauls to the operating system as well as tweaks to the hardware. This could be an attempt to ensure that the device is locked down and not as vulnerable to hackers like its predecessor.

Elsewhere, Nintendo has fully given up on its “Quality of Life” project, originally launched by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata before his passing. The scheme was intended to improve sleep quality and was supposedly nearing completion before being shut down. The company has confirmed that it couldn’t see “a Nintendo-esque product” coming to fruition, cancelling it before further losses could occur.

KitGuru Says: Iterative upgrades mid-cycle aren’t the best approach from an early adopter’s point of view, but there are often console trade-in schemes that can help those wanting the premium version jump ship for a smaller price. Still, none of these reports are confirmed yet, as Nintendo stays decidedly hush on the matter for the time being. Would you buy into the Switch ecosystem with a cheaper variant? Or perhaps upgrade to a more powerful model?

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