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Developer manages to install Windows 10 ARM on Nintendo Switch

It seems as though the Nintendo Switch is proving to be the perfect playground for hackers, ever since Linux was successfully installed onto the console last year. Moving forward, someone has now managed to get Microsoft’s Windows 10 ARM variant working on the device, although it isn’t without issue.

Installing a new operating system (OS) onto the Nintendo Switch has been made significantly easier thanks to an exploit in the boot code of the original Nvidia Tegra processor, giving users the ability to bypass security measures. Of course, there are limitations with the hardware that make fully-fledged Windows 10 Home and Pro variants much more difficult.

The lightweight ARM version however, is perfectly capable according to Twitter user @imbushuo, first spotted by Windows Latest. Otherwise known as Ben, imbushuo is known for helping to lead the team that brought Windows 10 ARM to the Lumia 950 range and Raspberry Pi 3 devices, before seemingly working solo to install the OS onto the Nintendo Switch.

Ben comically revealed the feat when they asked the Windows Team and Nintendo to help fix a typical Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), the blue-clad recovery message that occurs after the operating system encounters an error. Part of the problem causing this issue is that Wndows 10 ARM is designed with Intel-based ARM processors first and foremost, meaning the Tegra has to emulate its rival.

Currently, there are a number of things that Ben is working on in order to allow the OS to boot properly, namely fixing memory regions first and foremost. There still seems to be a long way to go before Windows 10 becomes viable on the Nintendo Switch, but the purpose is clear given its ability to dock and project onto a larger screen.

KitGuru Says: Anyone attempting to modify their console must take adequate precautions and remember that warranties are completely void as a result. What do you think of Windows 10 ARM on Switch?

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