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EA acknowledges Anthem crashes on PlayStation 4, asks the community to send reports

BioWare’s Anthem hasn’t had the smoothest launch, as some PlayStation 4 players are experiencing hard crashes when playing the game on their system. It’s uncertain just how widespread the issue is, but it has prompted Sony to grant some refunds for the game while EA appeals to its fan base in order to solve the problem.

Many affected players are reporting that an error crashes the game, sending them back to the PlayStation 4 menu with a CE-34878-0 error message. There are a number of Redditors explaining that the game has unusually caused a hard shutdown, almost as if the power lead has been removed from console, subsequently met with a power cycling issue that prevents the system from booting normally.

Sony is currently “working with game devs to solve this issue ASAP,” according to support. The Ask PlayStation UK account states that this particular issue is “outside” of Sony’s refund policy, but there are some accounts that have managed to get their money back. Many more have been knocked back for a refund however, likely due to the amount of time successfully played before issues began plaguing them.

EA is hard at work trying to find a fix, encouraging those affected to send over crash reports when prompted. “We are currently in process of gathering information about the PS4 issues so we can determine the root cause. If you are experiencing hard crashes of your console please reply with the following information: PlayStation Console: (PS4, Slim, Pro), PSN ID, Crash Info: When does the crash take place? Are you having to take specific steps to get your PlayStation going again? Have you reported your crash data when prompted?”

Those that are affected by a full system shutdown and are unable to turn the console back on are advised to remove the power cable for a few minutes before plugging it back in. This has been known to let the PS4’s surge and heat protection systems settle before resuming gameplay.

Noting the rise in reports over the past few days, some believe that the problem has stemmed from the recent patch. There is nothing to confirm the cause at this time.

KitGuru Says: No one should have to experience this on any fully released game, let alone a triple-A title from EA. Still, it’s good that the publisher has acknowledged the situation and is attempting to fix it.  

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