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Sega’s Two Point Hospital revives the simulation antics of Theme Hospital

It seems that this generation of gaming is built upon nostalgia, bringing back the classics in various different ways. It seems that isn’t limited to any type of genre as Sega and Two Point’s newly announced Two Point Hospital channels its inner Theme Hospital.

Released way back in 1997, Theme Hospital is a PlayStation and PC title that simulates what it’s like to design and run a privately owned hospital. It was underlined with the comedic brilliance of the original Theme Park team that left it cemented as a classic and has resulted in numerous rereleases on the PSN store, Origin and GOG as well as an attempt to create an open-source remake known as CorsixTH.

Two Point Hospital will act as a spiritual successor 21 years later, spearheaded by ex-Lionhead and Bullfrog veterans Mark Webley and Gary Carr who have gone on to found Two Point Studios. Its announcement trailer echoes the same absurdness as the classic it draws inspiration from, with “Light Headedness” resembling the similarly whacky Bloaty Head from the original.

Of course, the creators are keen to stress that while Two Point Hospital does take clear inspiration from Bullfrog’s Theme Hospital, it is a completely new game in its own right. It will take the quirkiness and make sure to add depth into the mechanics, treating it like the simulator it is.

Mod support is planned for some time after its initial release, alongside online features such as leaderboards to spark competitive play and up-to-date challenges for players to overcome. The trailer pegs the game for launch this year, with Steam as the only listed platform.

KitGuru Says: This brings back a lot of memories for me, as the humour has always struck me as unique. It’s surprising that there hasn’t been another game like it in years, but sim games aside from EA’s The Sims series have shown a lot of fatigue. Hopefully this time it’ll be different. Are you interested in Two Point Hospital? Did you play the original Theme Hospital?

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