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Shadow of War gets interactive trailer from Avatar and Game of Thrones veterans

Middle-earth: Shadow of War prides itself on its revised Nemesis System, giving weight to the choices you make in game. Giving a taster at what’s to come, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has released an interactive live-action film headed by veterans of Avatar, Watchmen and Game of Thrones.

The Campaign That Never Forgets brings Shadow of War to life, directed by Neil Huxley known for his visual effects work on Avatar and Watchmen and shot by Director of Photography Fabian Wagner, famed for his cinematographic work on Game of Thrones and Sherlock. Needless to say, it’s a stunning bit of work.

The viewer controls Talion’s decisions as he lays siege to an Orc fortress alongside his own Orc followers. The choices you make will decide the fate of those around you and pave the way for your greatest allies to become your greatest enemies or vice versa.

In game, the Nemesis System works in such a way that if you were to save an Orc and take mercy, they might join your ranks and see the light, whereas if you show no mercy and one manages to survive, then you might have to watch your back as your traverse Middle-earth. This give a new angle on how you choose to play, but I, myself can’t help but play the good Samaritan.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War lands on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, both Windows Store and Steam on October 10th.

KitGuru Says: I am a big fan of alternative marketing and this ties well into the expanded Nemesis System that, facing facts, is the main reason I’d purchase the game in the first place. Have you tried out the interactive campaign yet? What choice did you make in the end?

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