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Skate’s spiritual successor, Session, gets a free demo ahead of crowdfunding

It’s safe to say that the Skate games were unique, pushing a physics-based engine instead of the wildly popular arcade-like Tony Hawk’s games. EA might not be listening to fan demand for the series to make a return, but creā-ture Studios is, with a spiritual successor in the form of Session planned to land on Kickstarter later this month.

Skate fans have been getting progressively more frustrated in their now 7-year wait for a new title, while PC players have yet to experience a physics-based skateboarding game outside of the wacky and weird indie title, Griptape Backbone. creā-ture Studios plans to plug this gap with Session, releasing a free PC demo of its work-in-progress before it goes live on Kickstarter on the 21st November.

Session was teased back in 2015 as an open-world skateboarding game built using Unreal Engine 4. Initially, the game is planned for PC first and foremost, with plans to expand into console territory via Kickstarter stretch goals.

“As stated before, this doesn’t mean at all that we will make this game for PC only. Far from it. We want this game on console as much as we want it on PC. However, we’ll need your help to get there so we will most definitely have stretch goals for consoles,” said creā-ture Studios’ Marc-andré Houde in an interview with The Berrics last year.

A story mode might also be a possibility somewhere down the line, or even included within the stretch goals.

“There’s no real story, but this is still something that we are super open to. A lot of players are asking. They would like to maybe live the life of an amateur skater going Pro, so this is a really interesting part. How we envision Session and the way the game is designed, this is definitely something that we can add on later.

“I really like the Berrics concept: One hub to bring everything together, skaters and brands. It’s like that for Session, you have the core, you have the spots, you have the controls, but over this you have some virtual designs and you have some challenges. You have your friends, your crew. You can go shop. So a story can just be another layer on top of all these possibilities. The player is fully customizable so you’ll can make your own character and customize it as much as you want.”

KitGuru Says: I was a big fan of the Skate games and have always wanted to see what a modern game in the series could do. I am even more interested that this is being created by skaters, for an authentic feel rather than dictated by a big publisher. Are you interested in what Session has to offer?

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