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Sniper Elite developer to release new co-op adventure game, Strange Brigade

Rebellion Developments, famed for its Sniper Elite series and its Nazi Zombie Army spin-off have announced a new IP in the works titled Strange Brigade. It is set to appear at this year’s E3 as a playable title, but the global reveal trailer already has a fair few details to share while we wait.

Strange Brigade is a co-op third person adventure set to release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The classically stylised trailer shows off the 1930s setting in which 1-4 players can explore forgotten civilisations and ancient ruins. Players will face deadly supernatural enemies, fending them off with a combination of weapons as well as their own supernatural powers.

Rebellion have had a mixed run in the adventure genre, with its last release, NeverDead fairing lukewarm with critics. While we have yet to see gameplay footage, this looks more in line with its successful third-person shooters but with an adventure twist. It may just be a nod to the developer's previous success, but both the Sniper Elite series and Strange Brigade do make use of a winged logo. We will find out more when E3 hits next week, between the 13th and 15th of June.

KitGuru Says: Strange Brigade looks like a quirky title that might just fill the void left behind by other co-op shooters, like Left 4 Dead 2. Are you looking forward to the E3 reveal? Is there anything you’re expecting to appear at the event?

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