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Sony is crafting a rewards scheme based around PlayStation’s trophy system

Sony is cooking up a brand new rewards scheme, offering any PlayStation Network user the potential to earn discounts on its PlayStation Store. This is done by earning trophies in-game, but as you might expect, there are a few catches to begin with.

Firstly, users must link their PSN account to Sony's new Rewards program, which outlines that 100 silver trophies will net 100 points, 25 gold trphies is worth 250 points and if you're a completionist, 10 platinum trophies will get a cool 1,000 points.

In its early stages, 1,000 points equates to a $10 discount voucher for the PS Store, but is currently restricted to the United States for the time being. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. Points are not rewarded retroactively, meaning that trophies earned prior to the user linking their PSN account to the Rewards scheme won't count.

This seems like a neat idea for players moving forward, still impressed with Sony's consoles and line-ups, but it could similarly mean a lot of work for players retreading old ground, especially those that have previously earned platinum trphies in the past which requires every trophy in a game to be collected first.

Sony's new Rewards program is also being pushed outside of games, offering discount codes for completing tasks such as subscribing to PlayStation Network in the first place or renting movies from its own store. Again, any actions completed before the linking of a users PSN account to the Rewards program will not be counted and therefore not yield any rewards.

KitGuru Says: This is an incredible idea moving forward, but one that seems to habour a lot of restrictions. At the very least, I hope it makes its way to international shores, if not looking at those already dedicated to have gotten so many platinum trophies under their belt.

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