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Try before you buy: The Surge demo arriving next week

The pricing of games doesn’t always reflect the quality of the experience that players will have, prompting many to try before they buy. Focus Home Interactive, publishers of The Surge recognise this and will be releasing a demo for the game as of next week.

The Surge is an apocalyptic action-RPG set in the future, developed by Deck13 Interactive. It is considered to be a spiritual successor to the developer’s previous game, Lords of the Fallen in which it shares many gameplay features. It is heavily inspired by the Soulsborne series, with combat more akin to Bloodborne than that of Dark Souls.

Focus Home confirmed that the demo will be “the same as the full game” as it will be based on “a pretty new build”. While this was said regarding the PS4 Pro version, it should apply to all demos that are heading to PC, PS4 and Xbox One as well. That means that the demo should include recently added features such as an increased number of save slots, an FOV slider, an evade mechanic and personalised music; not to mention bug fixes.

Although a date hasn’t been confirmed, the demo is set to arrive next week. If you find yourself invested in the game, more content is planned to make its way later this year.

KitGuru Says: While The Surge might not be as refined or original as Dark Souls, it’s difficult to see why anyone wouldn’t give it a shot now there’s a free way to try it. Do you plan to play the demo or have you already tried the game?

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