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We Happy Few gets last big update before April 2018 release

We Happy Few has a lot of joyful news to share today, as Compulsion Games drops its last major update before the final release, as well as announcing a launch date and a partnership to ensure all versions will deliver a full game for a full retail price. Pairing up with Gearbox Publishing, the game is set to arrive on Xbox One, PC and PS4 on April 13th 2018.

The Life in Technicolour Update is the official name of the Joy Update we reported on back in June, and while it will still lack the story-driven Paradise District, it overhauls many gameplay and UI mechanics.

Some of the most significant changes are the way in which conformity and stealth now behave. Previously, suspicion was random, with it arising seemingly out of nowhere. Now, there is a conformity window implemented, allowing the player to rectify their wrongdoing before being beaten to death by the angry mobs. Stealth has also changed via an update to the way in which AI behaves. There are varying degrees in the way some AI can be distracted, and while lesser enemies will give up the search sooner, tougher enemies will look even harder creating more consistency in their behaviour.

A number of UI improvements will also be noticeable since the Life in Technicolour update, aligning it better with the 60’s setting as well as allowing for more accessibility. Items will now stack so long as the weight limit isn’t exceeded and icons in the world will help locate waypoints and define the status of enemies. A new fast travel system also makes its way to the game, which of course means less time re-treading but more time spent on the loading screen. Compulsion Games has thought of that too, introducing new animations while you load, making it more of an enjoyable experience.

Lastly, the update adds in even more and bigger encounters. The reason for this is the newly increased scope at which Compulsion Games is working in partnership with Gearbox Publishing to deliver a full sized game. This means full 1.0 versions will make way to consoles and PC next year in both digital and full retail form, with Mac and Linux coming at a slightly later date.

The developers are keen to explore the field of DLC once the game has been completed, implementing a season pass that will be free to Kickstarter Backers. The team is also enthusiastic to show loyalty to its backers, meaning that not only do the supporters who paid for an alpha or beta copy get a larger game than they initially bought into, but Compulsion Games will also be sending a free digital copy to backers of the Beer Tier, which cost CA$8 and originally received no rewards.

KitGuru Says: I am happy to see Compulsion Games going so far with this as the premise and world has always stood out to me. It's refreshing to hear of an Early Access success story in general, really. Do you plan on picking it up in the near future? It still has 15% off until its final release for those that do.

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