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Tt eSports European Cup launched

Europeans are a competitive bunch. Each and every country – no matter how large or small – wants the chance to prove that it is superior to its neighbours. Today sees the launch of the Tt eSports European Cup tournament for Call of Duty 4. Let the competition for Euro-superiority begin!

Brainchild of Team YOYOTech manager, Mark Kearns, the European Cup sees top teams from 32 different nations come together on the finest battlefield available.

Captains from each country were lined up back at the start of January and the final team (Iceland!) signed up at the end of last week – so the competition is good to go.

KitGuru managed to speak with genius organiser Mark Kearns and he told us, “Every gamer I know loves football tournaments. Even the ones that don’t play themselves, still tune-in for the major international games”.

Andrew Christoforou (Tt eSports European Community Manager) with Mark Kearns

“I began thinking about the best way to run a pan-European tournament toward the end of last year”, said Kearns. “Once the idea was in place, we began speaking with Tony Liu from Tt eSports and he has been really supportive. It’s great to be involved with someone like Tony who is a genuine gaming enthusiast himself”.

Tony Liu (centre) heads up Tt eSports and has already developed major tournaments in the Far East

Asked about the nature of the competition, Kearns said “We all argue about which country has the best players”.

“The major CoD4 teams like Power Gaming and Fnatic often include a mixture of nationalities in their squads.  We wanted to create a different kind of tournament – one where the very best CoD4 players are pulled together from a variety of squads, based on the nationality and ability, by a team captain that knows those players really well”.

So, a proper European tournament where everyone can shout and scream for their own country, without feeling like a complete fascist. Nice!

KitGuru asked Kearns how the tournament would work. He replied, “Each country will be represented by a squad of 8 top players. They will try to defend their nation’s honour and give everyone in their local community something to boast about”.

“The first part of this 2 month cup will be the Group Stages which will be played from Wednesday 20th April through to Wednesday 11th May”, explained Kearns. “Each team has to battle its way through, for a chance to reach the play-off stages. The dates for these games will be announced after the Group Stages are finished”.

Along with the pride of a thankful nation, the winning players will be armed with the very latest in pro-gamer equipment from Tt eSports, including Challenger keyboards, Azurues mice, Dasher mouse pads and Shock headsets. They will also pick up DediGames XtreM packages from tournament host, Very Games.

High-resolution KitGuru spy cameras detected someone touching the prizes at Tt eSports HQ. We've since received assurances from Tony Liu that everything will be polished in time for the finals.


Asked if he had anything else to add, Kearns smiled, raised a clenched fist in the air and shouted “Come on England!”.

Well, there you have it. A fight to the death – with serious bragging rights available to champs and howls of derision for the chumps.

KitGuru says: We can almost hear the echo of  ‘Football’s Coming Home’ floating on the wind.

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