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A new Mario Strikers football game is coming to Nintendo Switch in June

Almost 15 years after Nintendo released the last Mario Strikers game, the company has announced a new entry to the series. Named Mario Strikers Battle League, the new Mario football game will be available in June for the Nintendo Switch.

Back in 2005, Nintendo launched the first Mario Strikers for the GameCube, where players controlled teams of 5 against a CPU controlled team or another player in epic football matches with super shots and incredible skills. Following its success, Nintendo launched a sequel for the Wii in 2007, bringing new characters, superpowers, game modes, and mechanics to the series.

Since then, the series has been on hiatus. However, this summer, we can enter the pitch again with Mario Strikers: Battle League. The first change that we noticed is the introduction of gear, which you can use to improve stats. In addition, the game will feature Hyper Strikes, allowing players to score two goals at once.

Besides the classic single-player and 1v1 gaming modes, players can organise local 4v4 multiplayer matches to have some fun with the family. In addition, there's also a club mode where up to 20 players can form a club and compete against others for a rank on the leaderboards.

You can now pre-order Mario Strikers: Battle League on the Nintendo e-Shop. The game will become available on June 10th exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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