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Embark Studios has transformed ARC Raiders into a PvPvE survival extraction shooter

Since its initial announcement as a third-person co-op action game, Embark Studios' ARC Raiders has come a long way. While it lost the title of being Embark Studios' first release to The Finals, the project has undergone significant changes, transforming the game into a PvPvE survival extraction shooter.

Embark Studios began exploring concepts and prototypes for a PvP mode set in the ARC Raiders universe in the spring of 2022. Fast forwarding to today, the studio's intentions for this new direction have recently been revealed, transforming the game into an extraction PvPvE shooter with survival elements reminiscent of Escape from Tarkov.

Alexander Grondal, the executive producer of ARC Raiders, expressed his enthusiasm for the new genre chosen for the game. He believes it holds great promise for the team and perfectly aligns with the spirit of the project's universe. In this exciting iteration, players will find themselves desperately struggling for survival, scavenging for vital supplies while facing off against human adversaries and AI-controlled robots.

The backdrop for ARC Raiders is the planet Calabretta, which has fallen victim to an invasion by mechanized ARC invaders. Forced into an underground colony called Speranza, humans desperately seek resources to sustain their existence. That's where the raiders come in, embarking on dangerous missions to gather these essential supplies while evading danger at every turn.

Embark Studios is developing ARC Raiders for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. A closed alpha test is scheduled for this Summer. However, participants in the closed alpha must sign an NDA. If you're interested in joining, sign up for it on the ARC Raiders Steam page.

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