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Hades sequel announced, early access starts in 2023

Supergiant Games had a hit on its hands with Hades a couple of years ago and now, the studio is back with a sequel. Hades 2 has been officially announced, and early access will kick off in early 2023. 

Details about the game are still scarce, but we already know a thing or two about it. For instance, instead of Zagreus, players will have the chance to play with the new heroine named Melinoë, a moon goddess and a bringer of nightmares. While in traditional greek mythology, Melinoë is the mother of Zagreus, in Hades 2, Supergiant has made changes to better fit the story. In this game, Melinoë is the sister of Zagreus instead, making her the daughter of Hades.

The story takes place after the first one, with Chronos, the Titan of Time and Hades' father, as the main antagonist. After escaping the Underworld, the titan has waged war against Olympus, but Melinoë hopes to stop it with the help of the Greek gods. Like the first title, the story will unfold as you progress further in a run and every time you fail to complete one. Other characters shown in the trailer include Moros, the personified spirit of doom, Apollo, the god of light, Nemesis, the goddess of revenge, and Dora, a “listless shade” that will probably be more important to the story than it initially seems.

Hades 2 will launch in Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store in 2023. There is no word on the final launch, but once the game leaves Early Access, it should also arrive on consoles.

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KitGuru says: Did you play Hades back when it first came out? Are you planning on jumping into the sequel? 

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