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Bioshock 2 update drops GFWL, adds DLC

With Microsoft announcing an end to its Games for Windows Live platform earlier this year, it threw the future of many supporting games into jeopardy. Because the service used an authentication system that required connectivity to play the game, without it, many of them wouldn't work. However, in Bioshock 2's case at least, the original developers of the multiplayer mode, Digital Extremes, have gone in and stripped out GFWL, fixed a few issues and made the multiplayer experience a better one.

“But Jon, how will we function without DRM?” I hear you (not) cry. Well, don't worry, there's something  a bit like that in place, as the game can now be played through Steam. There is a nice advantage to bringing your GFWL version over as well, as it will come with all Bioshock 2's DLC, including the single player “Protector Trials,” and “Minerva's Den” campaigns.

Put it there Digital Extremes. Big daddy bro-fist. 

Other additions include support for controllers like the Xbox 360's, Steam achievements, big picture mode and multiplayer matchmaking has been improved. You can now search for any games, instead of just by game type – always good when a player base has dwindled – and levelling up has been made easier online too.

The one downside is that you won't be able to port over any multiplayer characters or single player saves and there isn't a port for the Russian or Polish versions yet – you can play, it just won't be in your native tongue.

For more information, check out the Digital Extremes FAQ page.

KitGuru Says: A nice move by Digital Extremes. This wasn't something it had to do, but it'll please whatever player base Bioshock 2 has left and ensures that anyone wanting to play the game in the future can do so. 

I wonder what fate will befall the early Dawn of War II games?

[Cheers Kotaku]

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