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Blizzard to reintroduce game limits

Blizzard has announced in a forum post that in order to curb bot farming, it will be reintroducing limits on gameplay in Diablo III, namely how many games a player can create within a certain period of time. While the idea is to prevent people from using automated bots to gather up valuable materials to potentially sell on to the real money auction house, the worry is of course that legitimate players will be caught in the crossfire.

As has happened with just about every piece of DRM and anti-cheat measure that Blizzard has initiated since releasing the game.

However, the publishing giant is assuring everyone that this won’t be the case: “We’ve further tuned and tested the conditions that trigger this limit to ensure, as much as possible, that it only affects those abusing the Diablo III game service in a way that violates the Terms of Use – for example, by using bots that create games in rapid succession.”

Input Limit Reached
Look out for this soon..

Despite this though, Blizzard isn’t assuming everything will be ok, already recommending as part of the announcement that should you encounter the “input limit reached” error, that you should get in touch. You know, to ask that Blizzard allow you to play the game that you paid for.

Finishing up the forum post on a sickly sweet, PR note, Blizzard employee “Vaeflare” wrote: “We’ll continue to tweak the game limit as necessary, as well as continue to go after the few cheaters and botters that are out there in other ways. Our goal is to help ensure that Diablo III continues to be a fun gaming environment for all of our players, and we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on this change once it goes live.”

No time frame has been given for the launch of this update, other than “in the near future,” but you’ll be able to comment in the original thread as soon as it does, so get ready.

KitGuru Says: Have you been caught out with any of Blizzard’s anti cheat schemes? Do you perhaps play single player only and find all these measures unnecessary? Let us know.

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