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Blizzard may be working on a new Diablo game

Although far from an exact science, whenever a major studio announces a new job opening at their company, it’s often for something specific. There are traditionally quite a lot of open, or potentially existing jobs at large publishers and developers, but when something different shows up, it gives us a …

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Diablo III cross-platform play not possible

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like you will ever be able to play Diablo III with friends on other platforms and console players also won’t be getting Seasonal heroes according to Blizzard. Diablo III lead designer, Kevin Martens said that cross-platform play is “definitely not possible at this point with this …

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Morning Diablo III gamers, tired?

Good morning Diablo players. How are you doing? Tired? If not you must have an iron will for gaming, that or like our hospitalised, teenage pal you consumed far too many energy drinks and are still going. Either way though, with the 100 per cent experience buff coming to an …

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Blizzard set to shut down Diablo III auction houses

Diablo III was a big hit. It sold millions and millions of copies and remained a headline grabber for many sites and publications for quite some time. Unfortunately though, quite a few of those headlines revolved around gold hacks, or items being stolen from accounts – all of which stemmed …

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Diablo III Paragon 100 almost reached, already


Despite it having been just over a week since Blizzard introduced what was expected to be a monumental time sink, Paragon Levels, one player known as Alkaizer has already almost hit the maximum. He currently sits at Paragon Level 97 – and considering he’s done that in a week, expect it …

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Blizzard to reintroduce game limits

Input Limit Reached

Blizzard has announced in a forum post that in order to curb bot farming, it will be reintroducing limits on gameplay in Diablo III, namely how many games a player can create within a certain period of time. While the idea is to prevent people from using automated bots to …

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Diablo 3 gets release date for May 15th

One of the most awaited games has finally received a launch date for May 15th. Diablo 3, by Blizzard will be snapped up by a huge audience when it is released later this year, being sold in both digital and physical format. Blizzard Entertainment have announced that retailers will have …

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Diablo III beta coming in Q3 2011

Blizzard aim to launch a beta for Diablo III in Q3 this year. Many games have been waiting for this title for a long time, hoping that it will recapture the magic of the series with an up to date engine. Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime said in an investor call …

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