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Two countries taking legal action against Blizzard over Diablo III

Consumer rights group in both Germany and South Korea look set to take Blizzard to court over its handling of the Diablo III launch.

The European legal threat is being spearheaded by the Federation of Consumer Organisations – reports PCgames –  and it wants to force the publishing giant to add something to its packaging informing customers that you have to be online to play the game. Blizzard has until the 27th of July to comply, or it will take the publisher to court.

In the East, South Korean courts have already hit Blizzard with a £4,500 fine for not refunding Korean customers after all the launch issues. This is of course doing nothing to dent Blizzard’s income, profits or even register on its financial radar, but perhaps it will reimburse a few Koreans that feel annoyed by the company. Funnily enough though, despite the small nature of the fine, it took a lot for it to come about. MMO Culture reports that it culminated in the Blizzard offices in Seoul being raided.

Diablo Gold
Think Blizzard will try and pay with money made in the RMAH?

KitGuru Says: Of course Blizzard’s woes don’t end there, but at least the rest of its problems aren’t legal matters. While it may have fixed yesterday’s invulnerable wizard bug, today’s version of Diablo III has near invincible barbarians.

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