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Diablo III for Free? Special launch offer now on

KitGuru is so long in the tooth, that it actually pines for the days of manually peeking and poking games into a Vic 20. Anyone wearing a blank expression has not been around long enough. These days, having amazing graphics, story line and plot development is not enough. Gamer want to battle each other, online, 24×7 and in great numbers. KitGuru battles the elements to bring you a devilish update.

One of the most eagerly awaited games of recent times, Diablo III, had (part of) its launch party in London last night. With Tuesday being the new ‘sexy day for launches, stores across the country had shelves laden with product – just waiting for the official Blizzard ‘bend over, pause, engage' instructions to come through.

The genuine front line for this launch has been the totally unprepared supermarket chains. Checking through the online postings by folks like OMG Thor, Diablo III wannabes were being directed with info like: Asda (Walmart) Opening Time: 23:00 Brighton Marina, BN2 5UT Opening Until: 23:00

Unfortunately, gamers arriving at this and other stores in Farnborough etc, were met by sales assistants who swore, “Asda does not sell games, have you tried Game?”

OK, it's not Harry Potter in terms of global numbers and knowledgeable Asda shop assistants, but this game is already making a name for itself.

Can KitGuru quantify just how popular will the game be?  Well, according to Amazon, it has smashed all previous ‘pre order records’ – and that’s for the regular version. The special Collector’s Edition that Blizzard is making available for the launch only, is ever so slightly over-subscribed. Well, a 208 page art book and ‘behind the scenes’ Blu-Ray disc can have that effect.

The new system of Battle Tags being implemented for Diablo III will mean that multiple players can have the same name – while still being recognised as different people by the Battle.Net servers [That should save millions of gamers from having to learn how to pronounce Welsh – Ed].

Despite improvements in server technology that Blizzard has implemented ahead of the launch, the tech gurus from the World of Warcraft have been warning people that ‘an initial 40 second delay in being seen by the servers, is quite normal’.

Not convinced? Well you can check out the age-blocked Collector's Edition here and then watch a trailer.

[yframe url='www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-ZA7NLSRhg']

KitGuru has been told that there is a ‘Free 30 day guest pass' system in operation, to attract noobs. If you want to check out the free/pay options, visit www.diablo3.com

The need for Diablo III had some gaming enthusiasts climbing the walls

KitGuru says: Judging by the queues for info at last year’s Gamescom, Diablo III will not let anyone down – least of all Blizzard’s shareholders, who have been mighty concerned about the de-population of WoW in favour of alternatives like Star Wars. Will the demonic power of Diable III be enough to draw the faithful back to the Blizzard?

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