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nVidia 670 floods the market, enough to build castles

Looking back over the past 6 months, there have been a lot of stories about product availability – for both nVidia and AMD. Most of it centres on the lack of production capacity available at TSMC for the latest processes. KitGuru ponders just how hard it is to buy the latest cards, with a little help from Overclockers UK and a wide angle lens.

Tech firms, generally, have quite a sense of humour. To be in a business that declined the way the PC business did in 2008 – you'd have to preserve the ability to smile – or you'd end up crying. A lot.

Over at Overclockers, the logistics team has been taking delivery of the new nVidia GTX 670 – in some volume.

Ahead of the actual launch date, unsure how best to use these shiny new boxes, the primordial urge to ‘Lego' everything in sight, took over and there were colleagues with wide angled lenses on hand to capture the glory of creation.

Here's the result.

While the Overclockers GTX670 fortress looks strong, apparently you can pull any brick out of this wall - using just a credit card

KitGuru says: There have been a lot of stories about nVidia's relationship with TSMC and who gets priority on the latest technology runs. From Overclockers perspective, the proof of who can/can't get stock, has been built in to this design.

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