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Diablo III Paragon 100 almost reached, already

Despite it having been just over a week since Blizzard introduced what was expected to be a monumental time sink, Paragon Levels, one player known as Alkaizer has already almost hit the maximum. He currently sits at Paragon Level 97 – and considering he's done that in a week, expect it not to be long before those last three levels tumble.

PCGamesN recently did a great break down of the new levelling system introduced by Blizzard to add some extra life, to the somewhat end-game-lacking Diablo III. In a nutshell, reaching the standard level 60 – the basic level cap for D3 – takes roughly 10 million experience points. To reach level 100 at Paragon? Over 300 million.

With that putting things into perspective, it once again must be pointed out that Alkaizer has nearly completed this insane objective, in just over seven days. According to his character's profile page, he's so far made 88,229 elite kills and a total of 1,680,811 lifetime kills. An insane number to consider.

Some would call him a legend, others the biggest mass murderer in history

However, for the same reasons that some would find this an impressive achievement, others are claiming foul play. Alkaizer is making use of the Barbarian class, the one that had an invincible bug a few weeks ago. He also has a lot of very powerful equipment. To counter such claims, the intrepid warrior has been streaming his gameplay via Twitch, to show that he's not a bot and that he has a technique. It's a boring one but it looks to work. He's playing through the same section over and over, having found an area where kills and experience are in abundance.

Whether he's doing it legitimately or not though, Diablo III is soon to have its first Paragon 100 character.

KitGuru Says: What do you guys think? Hacker? Bot user? Someone that needs a job? Or the modern version of a folk hero. A folk, nerd, hero.

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