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Paragon: The Overprime will shut down in April

Prior to Fortnite, Epic Games had Paragon – a 3rd person MOBA which was eventually shut down in 2018 as a result of Fortnite’s overwhelming success. In a welcome gesture, Epic released all of the game’s assets for free; spawning two spiritual successors in the form of Predecessor and Paragon: …

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You could head to space in 2016 for just £44,000

Getting in to space has always been an expensive affair. It's come down a lot over the years, but whether you were one of the early NASA or Russian sponsored astronauts who sat on top of billions in development costs, or the first few space tourists that spent upwards of …

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Diablo III Paragon 100 almost reached, already


Despite it having been just over a week since Blizzard introduced what was expected to be a monumental time sink, Paragon Levels, one player known as Alkaizer has already almost hit the maximum. He currently sits at Paragon Level 97 – and considering he's done that in a week, expect it …

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