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Over 90 percent of Mass Effect players chose the Paragon path

A lot of us enjoy tough moral decisions in our RPGs but it seems that a lot of people had trouble taking the ‘villain' path in Mass Effect. According to a former Bioware cinematic designer, 92 percent of Mass Effect players followed the Paragon path, with very few choosing to go down the bad route.

John Ebenger, a cinematic designer who worked on Mass Effect 2, 3 and Andromeda put out the stat in a tweet a few days ago:

Ebenger does go on to note in replies to fans that the stat may have been close to release, so a good chunk of players likely hadn't gone back for a second playthrough yet. BioWare crafted an excellent story for both Paragon and Renegade paths and even if players didn't go back and replay the full game, they likely researched the changes in the other path.

Eventually BioWare did change the way it handles good/evil paths to make it less binary, which should have helped mix things up a bit more for players on their first playthroughs.

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KitGuru Says: Stats like this are always interesting to see. I'm not too surprised to see that a lot of people chose the good path first though. Did many of you play both good and evil routes in Mass Effect? Which did you prefer?

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