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Paragon Monolith update cranks the action up to 11

Paragon is part of Epic Games' new push into free to play development, where it can provide regular, quick updates rather than doing big, multi-year, AAA releases now and again. That means it's able to stay on top of development and respond to players much more readily, which is why it's released the Monolith update for the game, making it much faster and more of an action title than a traditional MOBA.

Although Paragon is a game that has been praised for its graphics, it's had some criticism of its gameplay experience. While it operates in third person, the slow speed of character movement and the lack of punch to a lot of damage dealing abilities, left the game feeling too slow for a lot of people. Epic Games chose to address that while Paragon is still in open-beta, making for a much more action-orientated gameplay experience.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7Ha3S4h4Vk']

Now players can batter and blast each other to death in a much more timely fashion and they move so fast there's no need for a travel mode any more (thanks Kotaku). This is augmented by the fact that the Monolith map is smaller than the legacy one and as the developers explain in the update video, it takes much more advantage of the verticality of the environment.

Attacks from above and below are now far more viable, but even getting shot at sea level will do more damage. You may need to play more cautiously because of it, but when you finally unleash your powers against the enemy team, you're much more likely to bring them down.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO-wIUkH0vM']

That's not to say that all of the MOBA influences have been stripped from Paragon though. It still features a meta-game for character choice and has required skills like last-hitting for extra gold.

The Monolith update is live for Paragon players on PS4 and PC and is free to play on both ecosystems.

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KitGuru Says: Epic is showing a real desire to listen to player feedback which is always nice to see. It's a similar attitude it's taking to the development of the Unreal Tournament reboot it's working on. 

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