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More Nokia Lumia, Windows Phone 8 details revealed

While the Nokia and Microsoft event is just a few hours away, some more images of the Lumia 820 and 920 have been leaked by the same source as the wireless charging station.

On the left there is the Lumia 820 in purple which is rumoured to have an 4.3 inch HD AMOLED display with interchangeable rear covers. The other image depicts the Lumia 920’s unibody design and some of the possible colour schemes.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has also revealed in an interview that the full version of Windows Phone 8 will be demoed, unlike Samsung’s launch of the ATIV S last week.

“Any company can choose to stand up and hold a device and say “We’re launching it”. We’re proud, tomorrow, to be showing the very first working Windows Phone 8 device with everything unveiled”

KitGuru says: A live webcast of the event will commence from 3pm London time and is viewable here (link).

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